Pillar 4: New Paths for Our Brilliant Future

Forging Best Practices to Power the Coming Century

2023-2028 Goals

Over the next five years, we will deepen our commitment by:

  • Adjusting our cost structures in light of current and projected budget conditions and more closely tie resource allocations to strategic priorities.
  • Enhancing the campus’ reputation as an employer of choice by embracing “work reimagined” and more flexible options and by expanding staff opportunities for professional development and career advancement.
  • Assessing our current physical infrastructure and space needs in light of increasing interest in remote work and online instruction, with an eye toward reimagining the built environment of the future.
  • Addressing accessibility challenges in our physical infrastructure, learning environments, and online communications to better serve students, employees, and visitors with disabilities.
  • Ensuring that our information technology infrastructure is robust, resilient, and agile to address the security risks of the digital era and provide the framework for ethical practices around personal privacy, data security, and business continuity.