Strategic Plan

Growth That Makes a Difference

Number of Tenured and Tenure-track Faculty

Tenured and tenure-track faculty is composed of those individuals holding the ranks of assistant professor, associate professor and full professor. By attracting the top teachers and researchers in higher education, we’re better able to recruit the best-and-brightest students and expand our life-enhancing discoveries. In 2017-2018, teaching and research capacity grew by 45 faculty, however UCI is still below the 25th percentile relative to AAU public institutions. The goal is to increase by 250 faculty within 5 years.

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Academic Year Tenured and Tenure-track Faculty Tenured and Tenure-track Faculty (projected)
2004-2005 940
2005-2006 974
2006-2007 997
2007-2008 1025
2008-2009 1075
2009-2010 1059
2010-2011 1036
2011-2012 1070
2012-2013 1084
2013-2014 1099
2014-2015 1126
2015-2016 1159
2016-2017 1197
2017-2018 1221
2018-2019 1276
2019-2020 1326
2020-2021 1376

Number and Percentage of Honorific Awards

As a globally preeminent research university, UCI’s faculty receive worldwide recognition for their contributions to the sciences, arts and humanities, professional studies, and the advancement of ideas that improve lives. In the last three years we have advanced more quickly than our projections, with a 6% increase in the number of total honorific awards and three percentage points improvement in per faculty awards in the last year alone. This situates us in the top quartile of honorific awards per faculty compared to AAU public institutions. 

The analysis includes prestigious honorific awards as defined by the National Research Council. The awards list can be found at:

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Year Awards per Faculty Awards per Faculty (projected)
2010 0.43
2011 0.42
2012 0.43
2013 0.47
2014 0.46
2015 0.48
2016 0.52
2017 0.55
2018 0.50
2019 0.51
2020 0.52

Total Research Expenditures

UCI plans to increase research expenditures to over $500 million annually by 2020-2021, making us a more powerful force for discoveries and innovation that improve lives and communities. In 2016-2017 UCI research expenditures increased by $16 million, bringing the total to $361 million for the academic year. This is slightly below our projections. We look forward to the results of next year’s numbers given the substantial efforts put in place this year by the new Vice Chancellor for Research.

Source: National Science Foundation Higher Education Research & Development Survey.

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Fiscal Year Expenditures Expenditures (projected)
2004-2005 276763000
2005-2006 300229000
2006-2007 309554000
2007-2008 324552000
2008-2009 325493000
2009-2010 327594000
2010-2011 344678000
2011-2012 350030000
2012-2013 347773000
2013-2014 340056000
2014-2015 329798000
2015-2016 345319000
2016-2017 361414000
2017-2018 426661000
2018-2019 448967000
2019-2020 479798000
2020-2021 509798000

The following videos provide a glimpse into UCI's research. For more Spotlights on Innovation, click here.

Advancing Inclusive Excellence

Inclusive Excellence animates UCI’s vision as a public research university, proudly serving the state, nation and world. At the heart of this vision is a community where all expect equity, support diversity, practice inclusion and honor free speech. As part of on-going effort to translate intentions into actions, nearly 150 staff and faculty attended the 12th annual Institute for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion on September 18, 2018 to outline a campus Inclusive Excellence Inclusive Action. Participants focused attention on clarifying goals, establishing metrics, and identifying strategies to realize UCI’s ambition to be a national leader and global model of inclusive excellence. Further campus engagement will continue on January 17, 2017 at the annual Inclusive Excellence Forum. For more information about existing programing and initiatives, please visit the Office of Inclusive Excellence website. Below are highlights of the campus Confronting Extremism Initiative.

In response to the increasingly polarized national landscape, the Office of Inclusive Excellence launched the Confronting Extremism Initiative. The purpose of the initiative is to harness our research, teaching and service mission both to understand extremism and inform how we respond to its many manifestations. It consists of three pillars: research, education and outreach. The Provost Initiative on Understanding and Engaging with Extremism funded eight faculty projects on a range of topics. These projects addressed science denialism, denial of common humanity, and augmenting critical thinking in the classroom. The campus has hosted thought leaders who illuminated the power of reason, humor and empathy to advance a more perfect union. They include: Reza Aslan (“Fear Inc. Confronting Islamophobia in America”), W. Kamau Bell (“Ending Racism in About an Hour”), Anita DeFrantz (Race and Gender in Sports in an Age of Me Too”), Jeffery Kopstein (“The Return of the Jewish Question: Antisemitism and Modern Politics”), and Steven Pinker (“Enlightenment Now”). In partnership with the Samueli Foundation, the campus piloted in spring 2018 the UC Irvine Diversity, Inclusion, and Racial Healing Ambassador (DIRHA) Program for Orange County High School Students. This program augments the capacity for empathy about Orange County high school students. Through academic preparation, experiential learning, and leadership development students learn how to reduce the stereotyping of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, and abilities.  

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